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My Story

I grew up in a single parent home in one of the poorest regions of the country- the Mississippi Delta in a small town called Greenville. I was the youngest of five children. I shared a one bedroom home with three brothers, one sister and an on and off host of live-in relatives. I graduated high school at 16, started medical school at 19, opened my very own medical practice at 26, married at 27, found Jesus at 30, first child born at 34, semi retired at 40, successful second career at 44, two exotic vacations a year at 50 and you thought it could only get better.


But here is the real story…..Broken home at age 3, broken leg at age 4, broken virginity at age 6, broken heart at age 17, broken child at age 34, broken marriage at age 39, broken business at age 41, broken financially at age 53, broken spirit at age 54 and many broken relationships and friendships through out.


After years of reaching some of my highest highs, I had come to my lowest lows. The years 2016 and 2017 had become the most mentally and emotionally challenging years I had come to know. I quit four different 6 figure jobs in less than 18 months. I found it hard to focus and to concentrate. I eventually lost or ended up selling all of my personal possessions.. I felt empty and numb inside. I finally came to realize that I had been taking care of everybody else but myself, supporting everybody else but myself and loving everybody but myself. It got to the point where I couldn’t help anyone anymore, I needed help, I couldn’t support anyone anymore, I needed support and it was hard to love anybody anymore, including myself, I needed love. The Late King of pop Michael Jackson said it right …I  needed to “start with the man in the mirror” so I became more of an introvert and slowly began to take inventory of myself to try and discover what was happening.

Come to find out that the only thing I had plenty of was self doubt, self judgement and a plethora of mixed emotions while feeling unloved, unworthy and unhappy. There were times when I reached out for help from others but because I didn’t give in to being vulnerable and transparent because of fear,  shame and embarrassment, I was never fully able to open up. It was in the latter part of 2016 that I was introduced to a transformational coach, JuVan Langford and after hearing my story, he bluntly said to me, “Lawrence, when you change your story, you change your life”. His words resonated deeply in my spirit and I took them too heart. I was in desperate need of a transformation. I ended up attending one of his workshops in Toronto Canada and that’s when the metamorphosis begin. I quickly became his mentee and he taught me about vulnerability, authenticity, self worth and self love. He helped me to create the emotional space necessary to change my story from that of being a victim to one of being a victor. I was finally able to acknowledge and accept my “True Calling” which is creating safe spaces for other men like myself who want to unclutter their lives, reclaim wasted time spent on old stories and transform their current life into a life of freedom, extreme passion and clarity of purpose.

Dr. Lawrence McNair

Men’s Life Coach-Business Strategist


Lawrence has been Coaching, Mentoring and Empowering men for more than 40 years. Today as a Speaker, Entrepreneur, Life Coach and founder of Moving Men Forward, Lawrence connects with men around the globe about the importance of vulnerability, transparency, authenticity and Infinite Human Potential as it relates to true manhood.


His mission is to inspire, influence and empower men to engage in challenging conversations resulting in personal freedom, clarity of purpose and individual physical, mental and spirital transformation.


Lawrence has dedicated his life’s work to creating safe spaces and cutting edge content to help men reframe their stories and navigate through the practical application of self change via 1-1 and Group Coaching, Webinars, Online Courses and Live Men’s Workshops.


If you are a high achieving man who is ready to discover more freedom, passion and clarity by tapping into Your Infinite Human Potential, you should seriously consider connecting and doing some work with me.


I truly believe that when “You Fix The Man-You Fix The Land”



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